Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top 10 websites currently blocked in China

I mentioned in my previous post, Hello Shanghai that, Blogger website (or blogspot) which is owned by Google is blocked in China.

There are a lot of other high ranking websites you might be interested in, that are/were blocked there, such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. I found the following sites while in China and tried to 'google' them or simply typed their domain in the address bar.

The search results varied from simply 'invalid URL', to 'server cannot be found', or the browser would just 'hang' with unusually long wait:

1. Facebook

The social website was blocked since 2008 to present.

2. Twitter

I'm not a user of Twitter but as evidenced in my test, this site is currently blocked.

3. Picasa

I occasionally use this site to store images for my blog. It has been blocked since 2009 to present. It is no wonder that many of the images in my blog wouldn't load in that country.

4. YouTube

You wouldn't be able to watch clips and video sharing via YouTube in China.

5. Blogger

Type blogspot or Blogger in the address bar and you know it's blocked. Or, try reading a friend's blog hosted by Blogger and you'll be disappointed.

6. WordPress

The famous blog platform is also not spared. it was blocked since 2011 and it still is, at least so in Shanghai.

7. Technorati

This was said to have been blocked since 2008. Tried accessing and result returned as "This page is not available".

8. Dropbox

Unable to access this site, and search confirmed that it had been blocked by the Chinese government.

9. Wikileaks and Wikipedia

Access to WikiLeaks had been blocked since 2010 and if you like to find information through Wikipedia, you are in for a tough luck, too.

10. Google+

Like many other Google websites, Google+ joined the growing list of blocked websites in 2011.

On why they are/ or were blocked in China, people have different opinion but I wouldn't speculate.


David Warner said...

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Anonymous said...

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David Warner said...

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