Friday, April 12, 2013

Quota for 20 MW Solar PV released by SEDA Malaysia snapped up within 1 hour

The quota of of 20 MW solar PV  for non-individuals under 500kW was announced late last month:

Announced                       : Wednesday, 27 March 2013
Solar PV quota                 : 20 MW
Category                           : under 500kW, non-individual
Degression rate                 : 20% for installation exceeding 24kWp

Released                         : 2nd April 2013, 12.00noon

AND, on the day it was released (2nd April), SEDA Malaysia said the quota was taken up within the first hour. Meaning, the small 20MW quota is over-subscribed, if you like, and bigger quota should be released soon.


This just show that Malaysia is not far behind in terms of interest and commitment to the cause - going green. SEDA Malaysia made an early analysis and found that more than 99% of the solar PV capacities submitted in the e-FiT online system were larger than 24 kW which had the higher degression rate.

From this figure, SEDA believes that the 20% degression rate recently gazetted within the Schedule of the Renewable Energy Act 2011 for solar PV projects larger than 24 kW is still commercially viable.

Degression rate for solar PV individual reduced to 0%

SEDA Malaysia also announced that it has received a directive from the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water that, effective 1st January 2014 until 31st December 2017, the degression rate for Solar PV for individuals will be reduced to 0%.

Currently, the degression rate for solar PV for individuals is set to 8%. This means the FiT rates for solar PV for individuals will remain the same for the duration.

With the reduction of degression rate to 0% for solar PV for individuals the Ministry hopes for greater public participation in the Solar Home Rooftops Programme. The Government anticipates with more engagement in solar PV by home owners will result in a greater willingness from the public to contribute to the renewable energy (RE) fund.

TheGreenMechanics two cents:

To Sabah State government: - can you hurry up with the implementation of electricity bill levy? Or, alternatively pay an equivalent of the contribution otherwise made by SESB consumers so that Malaysians in Sabah can get the same benefits enjoyed by their counterparts in West Malaysia.

I thought the State Budget 2013 is the biggest in Malaysia? Check this out: Supply Expenditure for the year 2013 is the biggest in the State’s budget financial history totalling RM4.088 billion! So, an equivalent of 1% levy on heavy energy users is a pea nut then.

Further reading: SEDA Malaysia press release.

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