Tuesday, April 23, 2013

India seeks to double Renewable Energy capacity from 25GW to 55GW

India's 12th 5-Year Plan seeks to do two things to promote Renewable Energy:-

1. Double the RE capacity from 25GW to 55GB by 2017
2. Setting up international R&D centre for solar energy (solar PV and solar thermal)

"It is proposed to double the renewable energy capacity in our country from 25,000 MW in 2012 to 55,000 MW by the year 2017. This would include exploiting non-conventional energy sources such as solar, wind power and energy from biomass."
- Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh

These initiatives were announced as part of the prime minister's presentation of India's 12th Five Year Plan.

Developed countries are the ones best poised to help meet the challenge of climate change, he said, adding that India has set a goal of cutting its energy use by 20 to 25% by 2020 by increasing its energy efficiency.

Another measure the prime minister called for is an international research and development center for solar energy. This National Institute of Solar Energy could be operational by 2015, he said. Research into solar thermal and solar photovoltaic would be part of this initiative.

The price of producing solar power was cut in half over the past two years, he said, going on to acknowledge that fossil-fired power generation, such as coal power, is still less expensive. The difference, he said could be made up for with subsidies.

About 87.5% of India's electricity is generated from non-renewable sources. Coal constitutes 57% of India's installed capacity.

Source: Renewable Energy World

TheGreenMechanics: That's inspiring and it is very much achievable when there is commitment and focus.

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