Saturday, March 30, 2013

Indonesia launched second round Green Investment Campaign

In South East Asia region, Thailand seems the clear leader in green investment and initiatives towards promoting renewable energy. In Malaysia, there are clear indications that we are getting more serious in working towards achieving the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

It is good that Indonesia is also working in tandem to go green.

Green Investment Towards Innovation and Productivity

JAKARTA -- Collaborative stakeholders have launched a campaign of the 'Second Round Green Investment Towards Innovation and Productivity in Indonesia' to support the Indonesian government in mainstreaming climate change issues.

The stakeholders consist of National Council on Climate Change (DNPI), Matsushita Gobel Foundation, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Indonesia Chief Editors Forum, Indonesian news agency ANTARA reported.

The Second Round Green Investment campaign is aimed at sharing ideas and experiences on potential for green investments and also attended by experts, scientists and environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

DNPI executive chair Rachmat Witoelar said during the launch here Wednesday that the roots of climate change are anthropogenic and man-made problems need to be tackled by man.

"Stakeholders of all levels rely on partnership with the media to spread the message of climate change impacts and solutions to the citizens," he said.

President Director of PT Gobel International, Rachmat Gobel, said Matsushita Gobel Foundation has been supporting collaborative efforts towards green industry through the first round of green investment that provided technical roundtable on green technology and green industry.

"The second round green investment is launched to face new challenges to boost high economic growth and mitigation efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission," he said.

"Efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emission have become a global market trend as is the increasing demand of eco-green products. Understanding green technology and implementation of the green industry is critical to increase competitiveness," he added. -- Bernama, March 28

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