Sunday, February 10, 2013

India to have highest transmission voltage at 1,200 kV

Malaysia's TNB transmission lines maximum voltage is 500kV while it is 275kV for Sabah. The quest for higher voltage substations and transmission lines is driven by the increasing amount of power consumption. The higher the voltage, the more power can be transmitted over hundreds or thousands of kilometres.

For now China is still holding the record with its 800kV lines, but this would be soon overtaken by India with the proposed construction of 400/1,200kV substation in Deoli.

To put things into perspective, the distribution lines voltage right before your low voltage (230V) home supply is 11kV in most cases.

Any danger or health effect of high voltage lines to human? There're concerns but No evident to show so far.

World's max voltage substation in Vidarbhaites
Times of India

NAGPUR: The project may not benefit the region but Vidarbhaites can take pride from the fact that Deoli, near Wardha, will have world's maximum voltage substation in four to five years. Powergrid, a central sector PSU, has decided to set up a 400/1,200 KV substation at Deoli. 1,200 KV is the highest voltage proposed in power transmission. Presently, the highest voltage used is 800 KV by China, which is also developing a 1,100 KV system.

Powergrid will lay a 380 km long 1,200 KV transmission line from Deoli to Aurangabad in the first phase. In the next phase, it will construct a 400/1,200 KV at Deoli and then a 1,200/400 KV substation at Aurangabad.

A company official said that a substation was being set up in Bina (Madhya Pradesh) for testing the 1,200 KV system. "We are developing 1,200 KV equipment with the help of private companies like Crompton Greaves, ABB, etc. as they are not available in the world. The test substation will be ready in three years and then we will begin work on the Deoli substation. Once the technology is commercially successful, we will also market it abroad."

Elaborating on the Bina project, the official said that the project cost is estimated at Rs 40 crore. "We will have a 400/1,200 KV transformer at one end and a 1,200/400 KV one at the other. We will then do a load test and find solutions to whatever problems we encounter. Bina was chosen as we have 400 acre land available there."

He said that a 400 KV line could transmit 600 MW power while a 800 KV line's capacity is around 2,000 MW. However, a 1,200 KV line could transmit over 6,000 MW.

Explaining the need for such high voltages, another official said that transmission distance was less in most countries due to their small size.

"United States is a big country but it has distributed generation. However, in India power generation is concentrated. Most thermal plants are located in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand while hydel plants are coming up in the Himalayas. However, demand for power is elsewhere. The higher voltage lines can not only carry more power, but they also have lower losses."

Source - Times of India

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