Saturday, February 23, 2013

Google giving away wonder glasses

Step aside bionic eyes, here comes your new challenger - a smart piece of glass.

Well, it's not exactly a 'give away' as the title suggests, as it cost early adopters or 'explorers' $1,500 to own the internet-enabled Google Glass. But its arrival could change the way on how people choose to get connected, and potentially being exposed. Or, do we really want to spend every second that we're awake connected to the net?

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How it works

It is claimed to perform many of the same tasks as smartphones, except the spectacles respond to voice commands instead of fingers touching a display screen. The glasses include a tiny display screen attached to a rim above the right eye and run on Google's Android operating system for mobile devices.

It will be easier to take pictures or record video anywhere and anytime. Just tell Google Glass to look for specific online search and you'll see the piece of information right in front of your eyes.

I suspect there'll be a bit of a challenge though for Asian users. Google's Android system has a voice search function on smartphones and tablet computers. Apple has its voice assistant Siri. But these voice search apps recognise English mainly in Europe (UK) and North America. What about localised English in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Hong Kong, etc?

But then again, the prospect of wearing a pair of these is pretty exciting.

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From  Associated Press on Feb 21:
Google to give contest winners a chance to buy its $1,500 glasses

SAN FRANCISCO: Google is giving more people a chance to pay $1,500 for a pair of the internet-connected glasses that the company is touting as the next breakthrough in mobile computing.

The product, dubbed "Google Glass," will be offered to "bold, creative individuals" selected as part of a contest announced Wednesday. Participants must live in the US and submit an application of up to 50 words explaining what they would do with the Google Glass technology. Entries must include the hash tag "ifihadglass" and be submitted through Google+ or Twitter by February 27. Google did not say how many glasses it will sell this way.

Winners will receive the "Explorer" version of Google Glass, a forerunner of the product that is expected to be released to the mass market next year. Google already sold an unspecified number of the glasses to computer programmers who also paid $1,500 apiece at a company conference last June.

To gauge how people might use its glasses, Google is encouraging entrants in its contest to include up to five photos and 15 seconds of video with their applications. The company doesn't want to see any nudity or violence. "Basically, don't add anything you wouldn't be OK with your Mom seeing," Google advised.

Google Glass is at the forefront of a new wave of technology known as "wearable computing."


tehr said...

mahu juga aku mencuba google glass ni
tapi, tak bahaya ke ni, bro?

de engineur said...

Bahaya tu mungkin tidak, tapi sedikit sebanyak pasti menganggu konsentrasi pemakainya sebab asyik tengok skrin di kacamata.