Monday, February 18, 2013

Companies with highest revenue in 2012

For your/my info: All top firms in Malaysia posted positive return last year. Exception, of course, is Malaysia Airlines System - but no one should be surprised anymore about this particular company.

Many of the firms in the top 20 are government-linked companies. Those ranked 21 to 200 are also a mixture of privately owned and GLCs, with GLCs taking the lead. It is time these companies look seriously at improving their remuneration package in view of the several revisions already carried out in the public sector.

While the government has no say on the privately owned entities, it has moderate to strong influence in the administration of policy of the GLCs. I say, start here with these companies. And other big private firms will feel the 'heat' too. The longer we wait, the bigger the salary gap will be between public and private sector.

                                              Source: The Malay Mail

RM1.36 trillion revenue for top 200 firms
Feb 5, 2013

MALAYSIA’S top 200 companies earned a total of RM1.36 trillion in revenue last year and net profit amounted to RM163 billion, said credit management company DP Information Group managing director Chen Yew Nah yesterday. Of the 14 sectors considered, she said the four strongest sectors of petroleum and gas, holding firms, manufacturing, financial and insurance generated more than two thirds of the combined revenue.

“In the top 10 positions alone, nine home-grown companies like Petronas, Malayan Banking Bhd, YTL Corporation Bhd and the Axiata Group Bhd are in the lead,” she said during a briefing on Asian Corporate Giants.

Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute chief executive officer Tan Sri Michael Yeoh said amidst the positive prospects, corporate could face a few worrying challenges this year onwards.

“The biggest challenge will be talent shortage. Companies have to strategise ways to attract and retain talents, as well as sustaining business growth.

There’s no point of being successful now if you are only going to fall back after two or three years.”

Chen added that companies which have ventured globally also need to have an exit strategy should the venture collapse and ensure they secure the right level of financial support.

She said companies should now focus on 11 growing markets of China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. -- The Malay Mail


tehr said...

satu hingga lima
nampak petronas je
memang terbaik di malaysia

Annmarie Pipa said...

profit is a bad word in America these days.

de engineur said...

I think the politicians are drilling this too much into the head of Americans: helped the kids, stop the super profits, tax the rich.

Who says non-profit organisations don't make profit, or that they are staffed by volunteers who draw no salary?

Wealth, profit, corporation are all good words in the right sense.