Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top 10 longest insects

(excluding stick insects. See note below)

1. Hercules beetle (170 mm)
The strongest creature on earth by size, able to carry 850 times it's weight.

rhinoceros beetle
Hercules beetle is also known as rhinoceros beetle. Photo: de engineur

2. Titan beetle (167 mm)
It's curved, sharp mandibles can snap pencils in half.

3. Giant water bug (150 mm)
It has a venomous bite and can feast on prey 50 times it's size.

4. Giant helicopter damsel fly (135 mm)
It can use its 190mm-wide wings to hover.

5. African termite (125 mm)
The African termite queen can get to this length, while other adults are a third of the size.

6. Elephant beetle (120 mm)
The male uses a curved horn on its head in combat with other males.

7. Goliath beetle (110 mm)
The heaviest insect on earth in its larval stage, weighing up to 110g.

8. Giant weta (100 mm)
It resembles a large cricket and weighs the same as three mice (35g).

9. Giant African mantis (100 mm)
Females can get this long, but males are smaller.

10. Saint Helena giant earwig (84 mm)
It's found on an island in the south Atlantic.

Note: If stick insects were included they would take the top 10 places. The longest stick insect is Phobaeticus chani at 567 mm long, discovered by Datuk Chan Chew Lun in Borneo in 2008.

Longest insect
The Phobaeticus chani. Photo: London Natural History Museum


gunsirit said...

Kami bilang itu "Rungui", selalu kamitangkap waktu budak2... :)

de engineur said...

@gunsirit - itu No.1 tu mcm "tangkayabang" tu sya tengok, bukan Rungui.

tehr said...

biasa aku sebut kumbang tanduk je gambar pertama tu

gunsirit said...

entah apa sudah nama dia..lupa sudah hehe..

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Menarik sungguh info ini. Enjoy membacanya.

Angie said...

eee yikes the pic of the Afrikan termite gives me the shivers...eeekk..

The last pic, really looks life some branches of tree.

AVCr8teur said...

I do not like bugs and those in your picture look very dangerous and scary to me.