Thursday, January 10, 2013

Runaway groom showed up late, only in T-shirt and Shorts!

Ok, this must be the 2013 'wedding of the year' for the wrong reason. A feat you wouldn't fancy copying.

Can someone from Bukit Mertajam, Penang verify this story?

Bride's family left red-faced by runaway groom

A groom-to-be from Bukit Mertajam left his bride and her family red-faced when he failed to show up for their wedding, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

News of the “runaway groom” spread like wildfire and quickly became the talk of the small town.

The wedding was supposed to take place on Sunday morning but the man, aged about 30, only showed up at the bride's house that afternoon, clad in just a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

A chef of a catering service, who was hired to handle three wedding banquets for the couple including a 180-table dinner on Sunday, said he could not even collect the RM20,000 for the wedding eve buffet dinner held at the bride's home.

When the chef went to the bride's house to meet the groom for payment, the groom reportedly took out his wallet and said: “All I have is RM35, and I also owe the bank four months' instalment for my car.”

A relative of the bride said they were suspicious of the groom when none of his family members or friends showed up for the dinner on Saturday.

Source: The Star


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next time ask for the deposit.. Lol

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I was also like..'wow', this is too wowww to happen.