Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RM100,000 prize awaits KDM Malaysia Idol champ

Great news for the local entertainers!

A whopping cash prize of RM100,000 awaits the winner in the KDM Malaysia Idol 2013 singing competition starting this weekend.

KDM Msia idol
(L-R): Abu Bakar Ellah, Asmin Mudin, Peter Anthony, Michael Ubu, Jasnin Othman Suman and Azie Florence Kaying at the press conference. KDM M'sia photo.

Cash Prizes:
Winner      : RM100,000
2nd place  : RM50,000
3rd place  : RM30,000
4th place   : RM15,000
5th to 8th  : RM10,000 each

Other prize:
Perodua Myvi: Viewer who send the most SMS

Organized by non-governmental organisation, KDM Malaysia, the event is offering a total prize money of RM235,000 apart from a car for the viewer who sends the most SMS. KDM Malaysia Idol will start its audition in Kampung Kokol, Menggatal on January 19, 2013 and will be continued in 9 other locations throughout the State.

What                       : 5-month long reality tv programme, expected to end in May 2013
Who can take part : Open to all Malaysians between the age of 15 and 45
How to take part    : Purchase a Celcom SIM pack worth RM18.50 at the registration for audition
Pre-requisite          : Able to sing in Kadazan, Dusun and Murut languages
Also allowed          : Amateur singers, artistes who have already produced albums including those
                                  who have won in singing competitions previously

The programme would be aired on television, a station to be decided later.

Audition locations:
  1. January 19 - Menggatal (Kg. Kokol)
  2. January 27 - Telupid (Kg. Entilibon)
  3. February 9 - Kemabong, Tenom
  4. February 16 - Keningau Sports Complex
  5. February 23 - Ranau Community Hall
  6. March 2 - Pitas Community Hall
  7. March 9 - Tamparuli Multipurpose Hall
  8. March 16 - Papar New Community Hall
  9. March 23 - Beaufort Community Hall
  10. March 30 - Buhavan Square, Penampang

The audition sessions will see a judging panel, headed by Asmin Mudin, to select 50 participants. Through elimination process, 12 best participants wil be selected for a weekly concert. Four participants would be further eliminated in 4 weeks and the remaining 8 would go to the final.

The selected participants would be assembled at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) for 6 weeks and given exposure not only in singing but also other aspects such as economy, environment, culture, global issues and politics.

Source: Daily Express - Jan 15, 2013


Belle Edwin said...


Belle Edwin said...

O....minta izin share.. :)

gunsirit said...

I have no idea who will win but the first prize cash is astounding.. :)

de engineur said...

@gunsirit - May the best suara & performance win.

@Belle Edwin - Please feel free to share. Just link back to this website. Thanks

LifeRamblings said...

good luck to all participants.

tehr said...

tak mahu cuba bakat sama ke, bro?
mana la tahu ada bakat terpendam, kan?

Anonymous said...

why artist can join... kenapa tidak diberi peluang kepada bakat2 baru yang belum pernah menyertai mana2 pertandingan nyanyian reality.

de engineur said...

@tehr - bakat terpendam utk panggil hujan

@Anon - that, you have to ask KDM Malaysia

de engineur said...


UMS Chancellery Department Head, No'man Hj Ahmad made a statement Friday (Daily Express, page 2) denying "any involvement in a reality programme KDM Idol 2013 organised by KDM Malaysia".

Something smells fishy here, I can already see there is flaw in the organising of this seemingly very rewarding programme.

Expect more changes in the near future.

Anonymous said...

how to join ?