Sunday, January 13, 2013

Latest list of 70 3G smartphones offered with RM200 rebate

MCMC has updated additional 28 models of smartphones eligible for the RM200 rebate for youths. This is part of the 70 models approved by Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture.

Youth Communication Package

Earlier, in December 2012 there were 23 models of 3G phones priced below RM500 approved under the scheme. This make it 51 models so far and you are encouraged to check MCMC's portal from time to time to find out what's next in the line-up.

The latest list includes top-of-the-line models from Apple, HTC, Samsung and other makes:
  1. iPhone 5
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3
  3. Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
  4. Samsung Galaxy Y
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  6. Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
  7. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note
  9. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  10. LG Optimus LE E400
  11. HTC Desire C
  12. HTC One X
  13. HTC Wildfire S
  14. HTC Desire X
  15. HTC One S
  16. Nokia Asha 311
  17. Sony Xperia Tipo Single
  18. Sony Xperia SL
  19. Sony Xperia Ion
  20. Sony Xperia S
  21. Huawei Ascend P1
  22. Windows Phone 8X By HTC
  23. Ninetology Blackpearl 2 i9400
  24. Ninetology Stealth 2 i9500
  25. Palette i5300 
  26. ZTE Acqua
  27. Buzz 4G Cloud Phone
  28. Insight i9430
In a press release dated Jan 11, 2013 MCMC also announced that telecommunication companies involved in the Pakej Komunikasi Belia (Youth Communication Package) have appointed about 1,000 dealers nationwide and more will be added in time to come.

Also, check here the previous List of 23 3G smartphones offered for RM200 rebate.

TheGreenMechanics' two cents:

Seriously, if you can afford the top-of-the-line iPhone 5 priced at RM2,799 then you really should not be eligible for the RM200 rebate. What is the government thinking? What's next - lifting the age limit of applicant? This decision flip-flop need to stop!


my name is ivana said...

i agree this words

"Seriously, if you can afford the top-of-the-line iPhone 5 priced at RM2,799 then you really should not be eligible for the RM200 rebate"

thomas said...

A better list compared to the earlier one.

Anonymous said...

can i use smart phone voucher for sony experia u?

de engineur said...

@Anon - They update the list from time to time. Your best bet is to ask the dealers directly.

Kathleen Alfred said... you think students would afford to buy iPhone 5.....just so u know that our country is in need of money...yet the ministry want to rebate that kind of smartphone for just RM200...if ministry can afford it try rebate rm1000++ duh...think ok...