Thursday, January 31, 2013

English Premier League - midweek results

All the big guns played on Wednesday evening (Thursday morning Malaysia time) except for Manchester City who were held to a 0 - 0 draw at Queen Park Rangers a day earlier.

Great chance for Manchester United to stretch their lead at the top to 7 points.

Rooney scored twice in the Manchester United's win against Southampton. BBC photo

Results of interest:

QPR vs Manchester City                    : 0 - 0
Manchester United vs Southampton  : 2 - 1
Arsenal vs Liverpool                           : 2 - 2
Reading vs Chelsea                           : 2 - 2

A nervy second half for United at Old Trafford but they held on to a 2 - 1 win and indeed it is a 7-point gap now with nearest contenders, City. Except  for United, all other top clubs dropped points this week.

All in all, a very good week for United after the stalemate at Spurs last week. A 4 - 1 win on Fulham in the FA cup earlier, followed by this win put smiles on the manager's face. And mine.

Way to go Rooney, and United!


gadisBunga™ said...

sungguh banyak update pasal bola sekarang. i mean kat blog lain pun. ngeeee~

tehr said...

rasanya MU akan muncul juara lagi tahun ni

de engineur said...

Saya update bola yg ada kaitan dgn Manchester United saja. Yg lain tu x minat.

tehr - harap2 jadi kenyataan. Utk kali ke-20 (rekod tu)

gunsirit said...

I am not that interested in sports but always been a Chelsea fan...ehhe

de engineur said...

Weekend result:

Fulham vs M.United: 0 - 1
M.City vs Liverpool: 2 - 2
Newcastle vs Chelsea: 3 - 2

All in all, a very good result for United, considering other top teams are dropping points. Now 9 points clear at the top.

Come on!

de engineur said...

Day 26 - great week again for United:

M.City lost 3 - 1 to Southampton while
M.United beat 2 - 0 Everton at home.
The gap is now 12 points with 12 games to go.

I know M.City can take heart of the situation last season where they trailed United 8 points with fewer games to go and managed to catch them and finished the season as champions; winning on goal difference.

I seriously dont think that will happen again this time.

City said...

City will catch United just like last season

de engineur said...

Ahemm, ..not only did City failed to catch United, they were also denied of any trophy this season when Wigan beat them 2-1 in the FA Cup final.

Meanwhile, M. United rewrote history by winning their 20th Premier League title!

Go United!