Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dual-screen YotaPhone: Would you use it?

The YotaPhone was showcased at the recent CES in Las Vegas.

It is a dual-screen 9mm thin - about the same thickness of an iPhone 4S - device that's half Android smartphone and half ebook reader. On one side is a standard full-colour screen, but flip the phone and you have an electronic paper display, the kind that is found in e-readers.

Colour screen on one side

grey-scale e-reader screen on another

YotaPhone Specifications

Powered by         : Qualcomm's 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus
Memory              : 2GB RAM
Screen size          : 4.3 inch
Resolution           : 1,280 x 820
Thickness            : 9 mm
Connectivity        : 4G LTE, and NFC
Camera               : 12 MP, front camera 1.3 MP
Video                  : 1080p HD video
Storage capacity  : 32GB and 64GB
Expansion slot     : Without
Weight                :139g

Would you use one?

If you've been thinking why would a mobile phone need two screens, the idea is to improve both usability and battery life. The e-reader side will provide an easy interface for reading, while the colour screen will be perfect for browsing photos and videos.

Using the electronic paper display rather than the colour screen to browse the internet, write texts, and check emails should dramatically increase the phone's battery life.

I participated in a mini poll carried out by ScienceFocus magazine and the the following is the result as of today:

Would you use a dual-screen phone?


The YotaPhone is expected to go on sale at premium unlocked prices, arriving first in Russia in the second half of 2013, before coming to other countries. After that, expect another two to three months before it arrives  in Malaysia.


gunsirit said...

This is indeed great for preserving battery life, I have recurring problem with my android battery life and this new device could be the answer, but there is no news on pricing yet?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I always leave something like this to my other half...I only know how to use as long can call and message...hehehe...

tehr said...

bagi aku tak perlu dua skrin macam ni
satu dah cukup

kyo_9 said...

dual screen?
is it really battery preserving??

Anthony said...

I would have to put myself in the maybe category...

thomas said...

looks like a new concept but i wonder if it can catch on here.

de engineur said...

@kyo_9 - they claimed the 'e-ink' in the black&white display use just a fraction of the energy used by full Colour display. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if it's true.