Friday, January 11, 2013

Digital Pen makes old monitors touch-ready for Windows 8

If you are upgrading your operating system to Windows 8 and your old monitor is not touch-ready (like  many current laptops), you will be forgiven for feeling disappointed.

Apen touch8
Swipe and touch your old monitor with this pen. AP Photo

My laptops are on Windows 7  and  touch-screen capability is not an issue  but with Windows 8, I want to be able to do that on my old Acer monitor. There is a tool for that - the Apen Touch8.

Touch and swipe old monitors with Apen Touch8

AP reported that the device was unveiled this week at the International CES, an annual showcase in Las Vegas for the latest smartphones, tablet computers and other consumer-electronic devices. It is a cordless pen that works in tandem with an attachment that plugs into the Windows computer's USB port.

How it works

The attachment, which is really an infrared and ultrasonic receiver, clips magnetically to the side of the screen, which can be as large as 17 inches diagonally. The pen emits an infrared beam out of its tip. The receiver attachment sends the pen's signals to the computer, which interprets its precise location.

Pushing down on the pen results in a separate ultrasonic signal, which is equivalent to a touch screen sensing when you are touching it. Just like that, you can swipe and tap your way through Windows 8. The pen runs on a watch battery, which should last about 500 hours and is replaceable.

Why it's hot

Windows 8, Microsoft Corp.'s effort to make desktop and laptop computers work more like tablet computers, was released in October to mixed reviews. A major problem is the fact that many of the features require a touch-screen monitor to work, making the experience unpleasant for those with older machines. Apen Touch8 offers a way for those with older computers to experience the newer touch-based functions.


The pen is to go on sale in North America by the end of March for $80.

You can expect this to be available in Malaysia a month or so after that. I expect that to happen in April or May 2013, but $80 (RM240) for a 'pen' would be a bit pricey I think. I'll stick to my mouse.

Source: AP via Yahoo! News


thomas said...

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace.

tehr said...

satu idea yang baik sebagai pilihan kepada pengguna
memang menarik

de engineur said...

for laptops, the ability to swipe on the screen is much better than the trackball (when mouse isnt available)