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2012 REVISITED: Locally flavoured articles

Year 2012 has been the turning point for this site as far as content is concerned. Since its inception three years back, that year it managed to produce 365 articles which is about a post a day on average.

Content is also mostly of local taste as it tried to portray Sabah and Malaysia at global stage. However, as the focus was more on Renewable Energy and technology, it also captured global news on progress and advancement of the same. The followings are selected articles this site was trying to promote - renewable energy, energy, technology, environment culture and art:-

1) International Folklore Festival 2012

Sabah International Folklore Festival (SIFF) was a compilation of beautiful performances by troupes from 18 nations including China, Finland, Czech Republic, Philippine, Egypt, to name a few.

Proud in their traditional costumes. (From L-Right): Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia.
More here: SIFF in Penampang, Sabah

2) The wakid - can you mix technology and culture?

The newest international airport located in Kota Kinabalu suggests hint of the popular traditional basket used by indigenous people of Sabah.

Lifesize wakid at one of the traditional celebration.
Also, see the World's biggest wakid in Sandakan water treatment works in Sigaliud, no doubt.

3) Jatropha for BioDiesel - Terengganu mulls planting Jatropha

One State wants to take Jatropha to the next level - planting a large area of shore land with this cash crop to produce bio-diesel in large scale. Yeap, why not?

4) Malaysia: 5.5% of total energy from Renewable sources by 2015

Pretty much about what the header says. By 2015 Malaysia would have generate 5.5% of its energy from Renewables.

Excerpt from PM Najib's keynote address during IGEM 2012:

Objective              : National energy generation mix to have 5.5%
                              from renewable source

Timeline                 : 2015, and 11% by 2020
Job created            : 50,000 (by 2020)
Economy              : RM70 bil worth of economic activity (by 2020)
CO2 avoidance      : 42.2 mil tonnes, or about 40%

5) What to expect in 2013: 50 Green projects to be approved

Malaysian Green Technology Corp expects over 50 green projects to be approved by financial institutions under the Green Technology Financing Scheme (SPTH) in 2013, compared with 30 in 2012.

The Finance Ministry has allocated another RM2billion (on top of what has been spent) to the SPTH to further push up the production and use of green technology-based products, with the scheme extended until Dec 31, 2015.

6) Poop-powered motorcycle that can travel 300km

Not literally, as you can't just poop in there and expect 'it' to power-up the motorcycle. But that's basically the idea.
Poop-powered motorcycle. Well, 3-wheel to be exact.

7) Worst blackout in history

That happened in India in July 2012. Over 600 million people were affected!

Massive traffic jam in India during the power outage. Read further HERE.

8) First Green Building: Art Gallery Conservation Centre

Sabah’s first Green Building is the Art Gallery Conservation Centre which can save as much as RM400,000 ($125,000) a year in energy.

Sabah Art Gallery conservation centre during construction. Pic by Insight Sabah.

9) SESB offers explanation: The 30 April 2012 total blackout

This (pic) is a typical current voltage transformer, CVT, the equipment blamed for the state-wide power failure on April 30, 2012.

Yet another total breakdown in the power supply system in Sabah. But who would be surprise anymore. Time and again SESB comes out with explanation and excuse. Irony is that, SAIDI (method of measuring performance) is so much on a downtrend and yet one doesn't feel much improvement in terms of power failure.

For Malaysians in Sabah, SAIDI tells nothing but a number

1) Lower SAIDI recorded in recent years look nice on paper but did little to a better power supply experience in general.

2) SESB sets SAIDI target of 600 minutes in 2012. Let's compare this with other states:

( 2011 )
(minutes per customer
per year)

10) Harvest Festival 2012

The annual celebration of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest was capped on 31st May 2012 at KDCA in Penampang, Sabah. Miss Melinda Louis was crowned Harvest Festival queen.

Miss Melinda Louis. Find out more HERE

11) Solar PV Powers the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Renewable energy is the way to go, even for football stadium. One of these in Brazil, the Mane Garrincha Stadium will be embedded with solar module and other sustainable technologies.

Mane Garrincha stadium for World Cup 2014. Read the full story HERE

12) Taxpayers to get refund in less than 30 days

As far as I am concerned, this is nonsense!

IRB headoffice, Kota Kinabalu.

It has been almost a year now and I haven't receive a penny from Inland Revenue Department for the refund of my year 2011 tax excess. Read the IRB statement here.

13) One maid, one task not logical

No, thank you! Read about it HERE

14) The (only) upside down house in Borneo

The first of its kind in Malaysia, although not so much to shout about. A good 'pit stop' though for travellers travelling from Kota Kinabalu to the East Coast.

The upside down house. Read further HERE

Have a prosperous and peaceful year in 2013!

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