Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why not just send nuclear waste into outer space?

Robin Hewitt wrote  - back in 1985 - about question a lot of people ask: Why not just get rid of radioactive waste by shooting it into space?

Isn't that seeming an easy way out? Maybe.

Dumping waste in space would not be a popular move. Pix: Swindon Climate

Why can't nuclear waste be sent into outer space?

The world's nuclear reactors have generated tens of thousands of tonnes of high-level nuclear waste, and the current solution is to simply store the stuff. This is not without its dangers: an explosion at the Mayak nuclear waste facility near Kyshtym, Russia in 1957 remains the third worst nuclear disaster in history, after Chernobyl and Fukushima.

In the search for alternatives, the possibility of firing the waste out of the Solar System or into the Sun has been investigated many times, but the use of rockets raises the threat of an accidental release of the waste into the atmosphere if there was an explosion. Some studies have looked at the possibility of using high-powered lasers to blast capsules into space, but economic, reliability and safety issues – plus likely legal challenges – have so far ruled out this option.

Putting thing into perspective: We must  send waste from Lynas Plant in Gebeng, Pahang out of Malaysia; although not into outer space!

Source: ScienceFocus


tehr said...

molek juga kalau dapat hantar sisa tu ke australia

de engineur said...

Itu yg sebaik-baiknya.

Haritu government sdh janji sisa buangan akan diexport keluar negara.