Tuesday, December 18, 2012

US Senate panel condemns CIA interrogation method?

I have no idea what to comment. I thought this happens only in Hollywood movies:

The US Senate intelligence committee approved the findings of an investigation into CIA "enhanced interrogation" -- techniques the panel's leader decried as "terrible mistakes."

The committee voted nine to six to approve the 6,000-page report on the former use of the tactics, which have been deemed torture by President Barack Obama and Republican Senator John McCain among others.

Infographic by AFP, via Daily Express

Interrogation techniques include (as illustrated in the above infographic):

1) The attention grasp     - detainee grabbed by collar and draw to interrogator
2) Facial hold                 - interrogator's palm on either side of detainee's  face to hold head immobile.
3) Walling                      - slam against a false flexible wall
4) Facial slap                 - to induce shock, surprise and humiliation
5) Wall standing             - prevent detainee from moving or reposition
6) Stress position           - such as sitting with legs straight out and kneeling position
7) Water-boarding           - cloth covers nose and mouth as water poured over it
8) Cramped confinement - confinement in a small sitting only, or standing only, and with insect.

"The cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners is not only wrong in principle and a stain on our country's conscience, but also an ineffective and unreliable means of gathering intelligence," - John McCain

Source: AFP

This is my first knowledge about how they interrogate suspected terrorists.


tehr said...

aku tak pernah tahu hal ni sebelum ni
terima kasih banyak kerana berkongsi di sini

de engineur said...

I pun baru tau. Ingatkan dlm wayang Jack Bauer saja mcm tu.

Belle Edwin said...

em...jadi..jangan la jadi criminal...