Saturday, December 22, 2012

They did it! Brazilian phones sold using 'iPhone' name

Moral of the story: It is troublesome, but if you take the trouble, you can defeat a giant.

Yes, that's true. After winning the legal right to use the name (obviously iPhone), a Brazilian company, Gradiente SA begun selling its own Android 'iPhone'. The bad news is that it runs on a relatively old version 2.3 Android. It sells for $300 (RM900) which is not too bad for a 3.7-inch phone powered by dual-chip processor, equipped  with Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi and camera.

Appearance similar to that of Apple's iPhone?

Brazil company sells cell phones with iPhone brand
via Yahoo-Finance news
Sao Paulo -- It's not your Apple's iPhone.

A Brazilian company has begun selling smartphones with the iPhone brand after winning the legal right to use the name in Latin America's biggest country. Adding insult to Apple Inc.'s injury, the phone runs on the archrival Android operating system.

Gradiente SA says in a statement that in 2008 the government gave it the right to use the brand on its cellphones.

Brazilian trademark office spokeswoman Maratan Marques says Gradiente requested permission to use the brand before Apple did and can use it through 2018.

Brazil Apple spokeswoman Maria Parra Rodriguez says the company has no immediate comment.

Gradiente says on its website it started selling its Android 2.3 phone on Tuesday for 600 reals ($300). - AP



tehr said...

adakah ia hanya untuk pasaran tempatan sahaja, bro
rasanya tak lepas ni kalau nak jual kat amerika

de engineur said...

Kalau di Amerika, mesti kena ban. Macam Samsung Tab juga tu.

Telephone said...

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