Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Telekom to reward RM1,000 for cable theft report

Here is the deal: You report a cable theft and if the suspected culprit is convicted, you get the money.

Are you in? Very well.

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Report Cable Theft and Get RM1,000: Telekom Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) is offering RM1,000 to the public to report any case of cable theft in order to curb such activity that had caused the company to incur huge losses.

TM Kuala Lumpur general manager R Manivannan said the offer is open to all including the police, individuals and groups who can nab the suspect involved until the case is proven guilty in court.

“Until October this year, in Kuala Lumpur alone, TM suffered losses up to RM891,110 involving 63 cases of cable theft,” he told the media after the launch of Cable Theft Prevention campaign conducted in collaboration with the Kuala Lumpur police.

Manivannan said last year there were 30 cases recorded causing the company to suffer losses up to about RM471,928.

He said TM had previously used I-Watch alarm system that would detect any cable theft activities, but it was less successful.

Meanwhile City police media centre head ACP Rasdi Ramli said today’s programme would provide briefings, lectures and detailed descriptions to participants, including policemen on types of cable, how the cable theft was done and how to determine whether the contractors were appointed by TM.

A case in point, in TM Melaka branch succeeded in reducing cable theft cases by 42% this year involving losses of about RM360,000. There were 96 cases of cable theft reported between January and September 2012, compared to 165 cases during the corresponding period of last year. - Bernama


tehr said...

molek sangat ni buat report
pencuri kabel ni sentiasa menyusahkan orang je

Annmarie Pipa said...

crazy...but guess it works!!

Wak Gelas™ said...

tu laaa.., dorang sanggup gali lobang kable bawah tanah nk amek tuk dijual jee.. uuuhHUu