Saturday, December 22, 2012

Solar Powered water supply system for local village in Sabah

A very humble installation but definitely beneficial to those at one of the remote villages in Sabah. With no electricity and lack  of other basic infrastructure, Rotary Club of Tawau Tanjung did what was necessary for the less fortunate society.

This was done sometime back in 2007 but it is good to refresh to remind us of the good deed by the Rotarians and  about putting solar power to good use.

Where       : Kg Serudong Laut, Sabah
Population : 302 villagers
Access     : by boat via Serudong River

Children enjoying cleaner water

The Clean Water System

The water supply system is powered by solar PV, costing about RM12,000 at that time. Pump used was from Grundfos.

The Clean Water System runs from the spring, where the water is directed to a 900 gallons reservoir tank.  The Solar Panels is installed next to this Tank to power the submersible pump. The pump pushes the water to two 400 gallons tanks located on a platform about 30 meters higher and 200 meters away. Water from there is then piped to a 400 gallons tank located near the primary school at the centre of the village; another pipe is led to the jetty, where villagers living on the other side of the river collects clean water at the jetty.

Villagers initially draws water from this tank. The initial system consists of one Grundfos Solar pump system, one 900 gallon and three 400 gallons tanks, 900 meters of one inch diameter HDPE pipes and necessary fittings.

Installing the source of power.

The result?

Grateful villagers and contented volunteers. School children can now  have their daily teeth brushing session and enjoy the convenience of having their daily showerl. The Village headman commented that for the first time ever they now have the luxury of taking a bath with clean water.

We should be thankful for all these kind-hearted members of the public among us.

Note: This is not my story and I am not involved in the community project. It was one of the Rotary Club's CSR that deserved mention.

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tehr said...

aku tumpang ucapkan terima kasih kerana sediakan secara percuma untuk penduduk kampung ni


de engineur said...

Hopefully many other private entities do the same.

Where hve all the companies with multi-million projects from the government gone? Hiding?