Thursday, December 20, 2012

SEDA release 20MW FiT quota for non-individual solar PV

An update on solar PV (and other FiT approved RE) in Malaysia.

After seeing the non-individual Solar PV quota being snapped within less than an hour at the launching in December last year, SEDA recently announced the opening of another 20MW of FiT quota.

This would be for installation size of less than 500kW and for scheduled commissioning in 2013. Application starts on Dec 17, 2012.

As of September 2012:-

Approved applications:                          Installed capacity:
Solar PV (individual)          - 362                156.65 MW
Solar PV (non-individual)   - 133                9.86 MW
Biogas                             - 13                 20.53 MW
Small hydro                     -  14                 86.05 MW
Biomass                          - 13                 131.40 MW


The over 400MW of renewable energy is a good start but I am quite sceptical about the authority's ability complete and commission them within the stipulated time frame.


via The Star
PUTRAJAYA: Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (Seda Malaysia) is opening 20MW of non-individual solar photovoltaic (PV) feed-in tariff (FiT) quotas for installation (less than 500kW) and will be made available for projects to be commissioned next year.

Seda Malaysia chairman Tan Sri Dr Fong Chan Onn said the application could be made through the e-fit online System at beginning Dec 17 this year. He said applicants must comply with the Renewable Energy Act 2011 and also the Renewable Energy (feed-in approval and FiT rate) Rules 2011.

”The new degression rate for solar PV is set at between 8% and 15%. The rate will be finalised and approved by the Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister, which will be enforced next year,” he said at a press conference after the opening ceremony of the International Sustainable Energy Summit 2012.

Fong said the quota for installation larger than 500kW would be announced next year.

Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry secretary-general Datuk Loo Took Gee represented Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui at the opening of the two-day event, themed “Empowering Nations via Sustainable Energy”.

With the implementation of the FiT mechanism on Dec 1 last year, Fong said Seda Malaysia would continuously strive to provide awareness to the public on any updates pertaining to the FiT mechanism implementation.

As of end-September this year, he said Seda Malaysia had received a total of 1,090 feed-in approval applications and approved a total of 535 applications. He said the approved applications from solar PV for the individuals ranked the highest with 362 applications, followed by solar PV for non-individuals (133).

”The number of approved applications for biogas is 13, small hydro 14 and biomass 13. In terms of installed capacity, a total of 404.49MW has been approved, of which 156.65MW is for solar PV for the non-individuals, 131.4MW for biomass, 86.05MW for small hydro, 20.53MW for biogas and 9.86MW for solar PV for the individuals.

”From all these, some 1,684 GWhr per year of energy will be generated enough to power 467,000 homes and avoid 1.16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.



thomas said...

Very impressive figures for a start.

©t-Ba said...

Bro, ku rasa ko mesti pandai dalam bab wiring ni kan? hehehe

tehr said...

kalau la mampu
dah lama aku mohon dan buat
tapi benda ni mahal sangat

de engineur said...

t-Ba: cikai2 saja bro.

tehr: bayar 10% saja bro, yg selebihnya pembiayaan bank.

Thomas: impressive, need to keep the momentum.

©t-Ba said...

Aku ni langsung x tau pasal wiring. Mau menanya aka belajar ba ni. Kalau power switch soket tu ba, aku mau buat power switch soket lagi macam mana wiringnya tu ah? Mau minta wiring mahal betul satu switch soket kena charge rm90. Dapur ku ada satu saja power soket ni, kira nak tambah ke 3 - 6 gitu.

de engineur said...

Bro, kalau sampai 6 ada baiknya tarik wire baru dari MCB di Main Switch (Switchboard yg dekat meter), takut terlebih load pula nanti.

Tapi kalau tambahan 1 atau 2 saja, sya main McGyver saja sambung parallel dari power socket (SSC) sedia ada di dapur bro tu.

©t-Ba said...

nak 1 ke dua tu la saja dulu hehe. macam mana tu bro boleh lukiskan ka? hehehe

de engineur said...

Hmm mcmana mau lukis ah. Tapi cara mudah, buka socket outlet sedia ada, sambung parallel tu cable (Ada colour code tu: merah sama merah & hitam sama hitam) jadi lah dia parallel. Jgn lupa tarik juga (sambung) satu cable utk earth.

Pastilan MCB di papansuis utama dimatikan waktu buat kerja. Klu teda multimeter, pakai test pen utk test live wire pun buli pakai juga.

Utk nampak kemas, guna wiring duct. Boleh dicuba DIY tu bro. Saya selalu buat DIY. Jimat.

©t-Ba said...

thx so much bro. sabtu ni aku try buat la