Sunday, December 9, 2012

Result: Malaysia vs Thailand

Suzuki Cup

AFF Suzuki Cup 2012: Semifinal, first leg at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Second leg will be played in Thailand.

At the time this was posted, team Harimau Malaya is already thick in action with The War Elephant. So, come on you guys!

Full time result: 

Malaysia ( 1 ) - ( 1 ) Thailand

Note: A draw is not too bad a result for Malaysia but they should really have won it 2 - 1 when Safee Sali's point blank header on 87th minute was denied by the Thailand keeper. Tough luck.


rainfield61 said...



Adam said...

Soccer is not big here in America. If we win the best championships, nobody gets excited. It's strange.

Anonymous said...

Adam: yes, it's really strange. Hehe.. In malaysia, even doh this AFF Suzuki is just a small cup compared to any other soccer event, but winning this small cup is like u r winning a big cup. We'll celebrate it crazily! :D

de engineur said...

I can see that interest on soccer in the US is growing (MLS comes to mind) albeit at slow pace.

But in Asia, Europe and even in South America, people are crazy about football.

kyo_9 said...

hoping for the best team win during 2nd leg :)