Thursday, December 20, 2012

SpamSoldier: The new Android botnet discovered across major carriers

If you are fan of Angry Bird, then this may be of concern to you. A spam specifically targeting Android smartphones is said to be sending messages or adverts about popular paid games like Angry Bird Space, offering the free versions.

No indication yet if it has reach our shore, but already detected on all major US carriers. So, Samsung, HTC, Sony smartphone users, Be Warned.

Nyum, nyum, nyum!

Check out this security alert by Lookout: SpamSoldier

A new Android spam botnet has been discovered that uses infected phones to send thousands of SMS messages without the user’s permission. While the threat is not (yet) widespread, it has already been spotted on all major US carriers and has the potential to make a big impact at the network level if it isn’t dealt with soon.

On December 3, security firm Lookout detected the threat, which it dubbed SpamSoldier, in cooperation with one of its unnamed carrier partners. It spreads through SMS messages (it has not yet been detected on any major app stores) that advertise free versions of popular paid games like Angry Birds Space.

How it works

After the user taps on a link from one of these SMS messages, their phone downloads an app that claims to install the game. Instead, SpamSoldier opens and removes its icon from the launcher to cover its tracks. It then immediately starts sending spam messages.

SpamSoldier also attempts to keep the user in the dark by hiding evidence of its malicious activity. It also installs a free version of the game in question to keep users unaware of what is really happening. Furthermore, outgoing spam messages are removed from the list and the malware even attempts to intercept incoming SMS replies to the spam it sends.



tehr said...

mudahnya abaikan sms dari sumber yang tak diketahui
macam tu, bro?

de engineur said...

Betul tu bro.