Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Global Wind Installations: China dominates in 2011

Amazing reality!

No matter from which perspective you look at it, China's wind power is marching in leaps and bounds leaving the few pioneer in wind energy. As you may remember, China's wind initiative started less than 10 years ago, and it is now the world leader.

Isn't China an economic powerhouse that need to be reckoned with? I mean in renewable energy industry.

Wind china
Wind farm in Yantai, China. Photo

Asia Report: China Dominates 2011 Global Wind Installations
via REW
China dominated the global wind market in 2011, installing three times as many wind rotor blades on its wind farms than the U.S., its closest rival.

According to research published by Global Data, China held 59 percent of the global market in 2011, with 37,385 installations, compared to just 18 percent of the market, with 11,085.

The data comes as China’s deputy director of the National Energy Bureau (NEB) predicted the nation’s grid-connected wind capacity will exceed 60 GW by the end of this year, making wind power the third largest power source in China, after thermal power and hydropower. By the end of June, China had 52.58 GW of wind capacity connected to the grid.

But China's wind companies have all struggled this year as installations were slowed by the government as a result of grid-access issues, said NEB deputy director Liu Qi. He told a conference in Beijing that China would innovate by adapting to the intermittent characteristics of wind power generation. The country will use more wind power for heating in winter, irrigation of farmland and have more wind power consumed locally.

Liu added that China should enhance cooperation with other countries with advanced wind power technologies. Chinese wind power companies should strengthen innovation capacity and participate in establishing international norms and rules.

The Global Data analysts predicted that global cumulative wind power installed capacity will show steady growth until the end of the decade, increasing to 658 GW by the end of 2020 from 238 GW last year. It also noted that blades for offshore wind farms will take a far greater slice of the market. In 2011 blades destined for offshore wind farms accounted for just 1 percent of the global market — by 2020 this will rise to 11 percent.

Market researchers BTM said about 470 MW of new offshore wind capacity was brought online last year, comprising of 127 turbines in four countries, with the UK and China representing the two largest markets.

By 2016, the global offshore market will expand 5.6 GW annually, with a quarter of the capacity going up in Asia. And by 2021 China will be the world’s largest market, followed by the UK and Germany — with Europe still accounting for 63% of the overall market, BTM predicts. - Wind Energy News.


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China might dominate the world some day.

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de engineur said...

I will not be too surprise if it would. In fact, China is flexing its muscles on many fronts already.