Thursday, December 13, 2012

2nd Leg result: Thailand vs Malaysia

Both team were tied at 1 -1 during the first leg clash in Bukit Jalil Stadium. They are fighting it out to earn a place in the final of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 against Singapore.

The game kicked-off at 8.00pm Malaysia time and this article will be updated at half-time and as soon as the final whistle is blown by the referee.

A goalless draw would be good enough for Thailand to advance into their 6th final in nine editions of the Asean Football Championship, but I believe they will be going for a win.

Half-time result:

Thailand ( 0 ) - ( 0 ) Malaysia

The first 45 minutes ends with a deadlock and Malaysia will have a mountain to climb in the second half due to the dismissal of Mohamed Fadhli Mohd Shas for a second yellow card. Although the second yellow was debatable but he should have been more careful as he was already in the referee's book. He has only himself to blame.

Full-time result:

Thailand ( 2 ) - ( 0 ) Malaysia

I personally think the two goals were due to lapses in the defense. Thailand will be in the final with Singapore who earlier qualified after beating Philippines 1 - 0,

Congratulations Thailand!


Anonymous said...

Go Singapore!!!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia play like losers!!!

Sayang Jersey Malaysia said...

Kena badi jersey agaknya.
Kenapa tukar pegi warna biru? Kan kuning+rimau tu lagi cantik??!!!!

Aki said...

I see they are playing good at first half, but lack of confident at the 2nd half.. They shouldn't let the referee decision affect their gameplay.. But for sure, they're still lack of teamplay I guess.. Kan bro?? :)

de engineur said...

Aki - it's hard to play with 1 man down but it is not impossible. Great mentality is needed and that's the hardest part to instill.

But overall, i personally think the Thais were more technically better.

Rajagopal's body language when Msia conceded the first goal says it all.

Takpa, cuba lagi di kejohanan akan datang!

LifeRamblings said...

way to go Thailand!

tehr said...

memang sukar bila kita kurang seorang pemain
apa pun aku ucap tahniah kepada harimau malaya
mereka dah main dengan bagus

de engineur said...

Cheering up for Singapore now