Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kota Kinabalu International Airport uses Wakid

This site carried a picture of the World's largest Wakid sometime in September this year. Although it was not really a wakid (a traditional basket), it resembles the cylindrical back carrier in many ways and to me, in a way it looks cool.

The Wakid is made of pieces of carefully split bamboo. The splits are tightly fitted at the base and widen at the top. The body is secured with rattan hoops at both ends and entwined with split rattan at different heights which gives it the curve and shape.

This support structure at Kota Kinabalu International Airport looks like an inspiration from the traditional basket:

A metal Wakid anyone? Maybe too big as a household ornament.

We have lots of use for it.

This is a life-size Wakid found on sale in Papar during the kick-off of the state level Harvest Festival. The two woven baskets on top are kind of variations to the back carrier.



Adam said...

never heard of a wakid

Angie said...

Now that you mention it, gosh yes, the pillars does indeed resemble the wakid.

de engineur said...

@Adam - a little bit about Sabah's Wakid and other local handicrafts

@Angie - it's great that architects and building designers took local values into consideration