Monday, October 22, 2012

Sabah Budget 2013: RM4,088 billion

A RM40 million increase

The Sabah State government has proposed an annual budget of RM4,088.48 billion for 2013. With an increase from this year's provision by about RM40mil, next year's allocation will be the biggest yet in Sabah's history. The provisional sum covers three main areas, namely:

i)    Emoluments                 - RM663.17 mil
ii)   Recurrent expenditure    - RM1,087.93 mil
iii)  Special expenditure       - RM2,337.38 mil

     TOTAL                          : RM4,088.48 bil

From the pie chart, the allocations for Finance Ministry, CM Department and Infrastructure development alone represent more than 75% of the 2013 budget.

Table 1: Sabah state budget for the past five years.

Budget objectives & Expenditure breakdown

Key objectives:

 (i) To strengthen the State financial position;
(ii) To improve basic infrastructure and public amenities;
(iii) To accelerate the achievement of Halatuju;
(iv) To develop valuable and high quality youth and human capital;
(v) To eradicate poverty and improve the quality of life of the people; and
(vi) To achieve balanced regional development

Expenditure breakdown:

Revenue projection: RM3.828bil, Expenditure: RM4.088 bil
1)  Ministry of Finance                                                - RM1,873.57 mil
2)  Infrastructure development                                      - RM716.50 mil
3)  Chief Minister Department                                      - RM443.97 mil
4)  Agriculture and food industry                                   - RM306.88 mil
5)  Social development and consumer affair                  - RM138.49 mil
6)  Tourism, culture and environment                            - RM108.35 mil
7)  Local government and housing                                - RM87.92 mil
8)  Resource development and Information Technology  - RM87.89 mil
9)  Rural development                                                  - RM68.00 mil
10)Youth & Sports                                                      - RM58.34 mil
11)Expenditure not included in Ministry portfolio            - RM23.63 mil
12)Charge expenditure                                                - RM143.66 mil

Chief Minister, Datuk Musa Aman (during the 2013 Budget tabling on Oct 19,2012):
"This budget has been set for the entire spectrum of the society, taking into consideration the needs and well being of all people in the state and bringing the development of the state to a higher level"


Alv0808 said...

Hope this budget spent well..finger crossed

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apa yang aku harapkan
moga2 sabah terus maju dan makmur

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wak doakan Muger2 negara akan tetap aman damai sejahtera sentosa senantiasa bahh.. aminn ya robbal alaminn

de engineur said...

Sabah Budget 2013 of RM4,088 bil was approved by the Cabinet on 24-10-2012 after a week-long debate.