Thursday, September 13, 2012

The story of a hungry crow

There are two of them. But one crow is hungrier than the other, so, let's just stick to the title.

I was in a 'animal-language' mode that afternoon and decided to speak their language, probably out of hunger. I thought I could help a bird or two if I go down to their level and try to understand their problem. It turned out to be less than pleasant experience:

He & She (singing): DO - a deer, a female deer...

So they started to sing - one on base voice and the other on second. I thought I heard 'him' singing the loudest while 'she' keep a low profile. I took out and brandished my gear and I was ready to shoot.

Please continue reading (or rather watching) here.


rainfield61 said...

You will become a birder from here onward.

tehr said...

pasti bising je bunyi dua ekor ni
sukar nak jumpa burung ni kat kawasan kami sekarang

de engineur said...

@rainfield61 - thanks, i hope so

@tehr - memang bising & burung gagak ni pengotor sikit.