Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is the brain of a genius heavier than those of average brains?

Scientists say if you ask 'heavy', yes it is possible.

But if you ask if geniuses have bigger brains than everyone else, it's probably a No. They say brain size does not seem to matter that much. Wait. If you find this to be puzzling, that's because we - and the high IQ scientists - know very little about human brain, and other things in this world.

Image credit: BrainWorld

So, are their brains heavier?

ScienceFocus says they probably are. But size alone cannot explain why some of us are regarded as geniuses. Some large-brained animals such as dolphins and whales are very intelligent, but so are crows with their tiny brains.

The brains of geniuses such as Albert Einstein have been measured, but no relationship with size or weight was found. One study revealed that Einstein had more glial cells than average. These support and protect neurons, suggesting that his brain demanded more energy.

Other studies show that geniuses have more long-range neural connections that reach from one area of the brain to the other. Yet no single feature explains their exceptional abilities. Persistence, hard work and determination may be just as important, and they do not require an especially heavy brain.

Try typing the title of this posting in Google and you will be presented with a lot of insights and opinions as well as academic discussions which point to the summary you read in this page.

TheGreenMechanicss two cents: Genius or average, you have your purpose in life. We shouldn't worry too much about little known facts such as this one. Besides, a day's worry won't add another day to your age. Just be thankful and do what you do best!

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