Saturday, August 18, 2012

Twenty three accident-prone areas in Sabah (Jalan hantu?)

The rising number of commuting accidents on our roads is a very worrying trend.

In 2011, there were 24,809 out of the overall 59,897 commuting accidents in the country reported to SOCSO, for which it paid out compensatory disbursements amounting to RM1.71 billion. That is an increase of 12% from 2010 figure of 22,036 cases (out of the overall 57,639 cases), which cost SOCSO RM1.68 billion in compensation.

Remember this accident involving Shell fuel tanker and a newly acquired train belonging to Sabah Railways in Jalan Kepayan. Photo: extracted from

Scene of Train collision800
I took this picture few days after the incident. Sabah Railways is almost done with the cleaning up.

Commuting accident cases is on the uptrend as indicated by this year's January-April statistics (nationwide):
January    : 1,961 cases
February  : 4,106
March      : 6,301
April        : 8,434

In Sabah, there were 111 such cases recorded from January to July this year; most of which took place in March (22 cases) and July (19 cases).

It is time to balik kampung for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration and motorise are advised to be extra careful along the 23 accident-prone areas throughout Sabah. Some call them as jalan hantu (spooky) for apparent reason. The roads are:

  1. Jalan Tuaran Bypass
  2. Jalan /BeluranTelupid
  3. KM68 Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu
  4. KM77  Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu
  5. KM90  Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu
  6. KM93  Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu
  7. KM107  Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu
  8. KM121  Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu (an express bus accident just happened here last Thursday)
  9. KM124  Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu
  10. KM126  Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu
  11. KM130  Jalan Sandakan/Lahad Datu
  12. Jalan Kudat/Kota Kinabalu
  13. Jalan Lama Parar/Kota Kinabalu/Beaufort
  14. Jalan Beaufort/Papar
  15. Jalan Beaufort/Menumbok
  16. Jalan Tawau/Kunak
  17. Jalan Lahad Datu/Sandakan
  18. Jalan Kunak/Lahad Datu
  19. Jalan Bulatan Rugading-Serusup/Laya-Laya
  20. Jalan Ranau/Telupid
  21. Jalan Ranau/Tamparuli
  22. Jalan Penampang/Tambunan
  23. Jalan Sipitang/Sindumin

Please observe the 10km/h speed reduction which was implemented nationwide during this year's Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration period. AND DON'T DRIVE ON THE FAST LANE on a dual-carriageway if you are driving slow. That is an offence, just like when you are speeding above the speed limit.

Happy Holiday, happy balik kampung and have a safe journey home.

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