Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Merdeka Malaysia

Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians where ever you may be!

Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) is a national day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957, celebrated on August 31 each year. But Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963, when it is joined by Sabah and Sarawak. (wikipedia)

The Hibiscus

Malaysia National Flower is the hibiscus rosa sinensis or locally known as the Bunga Raya. I have captured some of the commonly found hibiscus in Malaysia:

Hibiscus of different kinds

Pink hibiscus found abundance at Ujana Rimba Tropika

The Bunga Raya - hibiscus rosa sinensis is on the right.

"Rakyat Didahulukan" - You First

The figure '1' here is the symbol for 1Malaysia that is used (you can find this almost everywhere) in many campaigns and advertorials by the government to showcase the 'oneness' in the society. In this case, Sabah Credit Corporation says "You First" to its customers and clients.

Malaysia Merdeka Themes

The 2012 Merdeka theme - "55 Years of Independence: Promises Fulfilled" - has proven to be controversial, as it is seen by many Malaysians to be a political slogan rather than a patriotic one. Controversial or not, here are the themes for the last 20 years:

Merdeka themes: 1992 - 2012

Let's pray that Malaysia shall continue to be peaceful and progressive. That our leaders are given the wisdom to govern the country always in a fair manner.

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