Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sabah International Folklore Festival 2012 - Part I

Prelude to the big international event at Sabah Cultural Centre this weekend.

The 2012 Sabah International Folklore Festival (SIFF) participanting troupes are now in town. The peak of this most anticipated festival is on 14th - 15th July but for the city folks the international troops did some introductory performances on Tuesday at Lintasan Deasoka, or City Square as some call it.

I arrived a little late and by that time the Indonesian folkdance troupe were done with theirs.

Egypt: Elsharkia Folkloric Troupe with their amazing horse dance performance

'Snow white' - mesmerising piece of artistic movement by the troupe from Kazakhstan

Indonesia is represented by dancers from Sanggar Bedewa Kabupaten Nunukan

South Korean dancers from Yaewon-Chumsawee Dance Company

Fast dance - refreshing and can't-stop-smiling performance from Latvia

'The balancing act' - Team member of the Philippines dancers, Lahing Batangan Dance Troupe 

Young performers from Sri Lanka's Ranranga Dance Academy

For more pictures, check out my photoblog.

The International Folkdance Competition would be held at the Sabah Cultural Centre from July 14-15. For information on the schedule and tickets & venues, refer here.

See you there!


sayadankamerasaya said...

yearly event?

love the deep glare from the beautiful lady doing the balancing act tu!

tehr said...

Wow, berat tu junjung pasu bertingkat tingkat tu
Memang banyak berlatih mereka ni

de engineur said...

@sayadankamerasaya - yearly. Been so for few years now. Scheduled after the busy Harvest Festival in May.

@tehr - mungkin melekat, kita x tau. Hehehehe

AVCr8teur said...

You got a good seat for coming late. :) The balancing act dancer is impressive.