Wednesday, July 11, 2012

National Carbon Disclosure Programme to be developed

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme, has begun conducting a study to develop a National Carbon Disclosure Programme (NCDP).


When the NCDP is established, companies in the local manufacturing sector will be encouraged to issue accurate accounts of their green house gas emissions. In other words, there will be standards for reporting greenhouse gas inventories.

NCDP also aims to encourage companies to set emissions reduction targets and to develop effective emissions reduction action plans. The Programme will allow achievements to be measured and to prepare Malaysia for further carbon emissions reductions in the future.

Minister Datuk Douglas Embas said: "This will facilitate consistency and transparency in GHG (greenhouse gas) accounting and reporting, and simplify and reduce the costs of preparation and compilation,"

Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award

The PM's Hibiscus Award is a private sector environmental award for businesses and industries to recognise best environmental and operational practices by companies.

It is a bi-ennial award jointly awarded by the Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility Malaysia, Environmental Management and Research Association of Malaysia, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers and MICCI.

TheGreenMechanic's two cents: It is hoped that with the establishment of the NCDP, more companies would achieve best environmental and operational practices, and get awarded with the PM's Hibiscus Award.

Indirectly these companies would have contributed to the reduction of GHG emissions. How about that - branding your company as 'green', get recognition/award, and at the same time save the nature. Sound good?

Reference: The Star Online, July 10, 2012

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