Monday, July 16, 2012

China won the 7th Sabah International Folklore Festival (SIFF 2012) competition

Young Chinese dancers did it again. Emcee, Gan Po Tiau announced that the troupe from China also won the Prime Award last year.

The dance troupe called Zhu Hai Hansen Dancing Group did enough to convince the jurors that they are the team to beat when they emerged champions in the 18-country folkdance competition. I don't quite get the point of competing a folkdance against another, as every single one is unique, beautiful in its way. But I suppose the organiser has another idea and perhaps it is a way to put some sort of pressure on every competing troupe.

SIFF winners
Chinese contingent receiving their trophy

Day-1: cheeky performance


Day-2: love story

Day-2: One of the tricks up their sleeves during the performance


Many, many congratulation to the victorious team!

See you again next year.


AVCr8teur said...

Congratulations to the winners. I'm sure all the teams worked very hard just to get to this competition.

de engineur said...

Right. The presence of many different cultures of people from different parts of the world alone made the hall a wonderful place to be.