Friday, July 27, 2012

1Malaysia Pad will struggle to keep up

Touted to be the first Malaysia made 7-inch Android tablet, 1Malaysia Pad, or 1Mpad was announced in May 2012 with an introductory price of RM999 (US$330). However, until today there is no news yet of its release to the market. It would be very interesting to read review of the so-called 5,000 units already sold so far, as reported by Harian Metro.

You will find this at the landing page of Maltech Pro Sdn Bhd's website

During the launching, 1Mpad manufacturer provided only a glimpse of the tablet PC specifications:

Price                        : RM999 (introductory price for the first 5,000 units)
Screen size              : 7-inch
Operating system      : Android 2.3, Gingerbread
Storage capacity       : TBA
Mobile connectivity    : WiFi, 3G
Camera                    : 3 MP
Announced               : May 2012
Availability                : available now for pre-order

Some notable alternatives:

1) MyTec MYTAB T25 - not in the market yet

This Malaysian made tablet PC is scheduled to be released and available in Malaysia market before Hari Raya Aidilfitri and is expected to be retailed much lower than the 1Mpad.

Mytec Mobile's soon to be released MYTAB T25

MYTAB T25 Specifications/features

Price                        : RM699 - RM799 (expected)
Screen size              : 7-inch, Capacitive touch screen
Operating system      : Android 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich
Storage capacity       : 8GB (internal)
Mobile connectivity    : WiFi, (support 3G modem)
Camera                    : Dual camera, (unspecified resolution)
Announced               : July 2012
Availability                : Before Aidilfitri (August 2012)

Other features:-
Google Play Store - up to 450,000 Apps
Quick Office - MS Excel, Word & Powerpoint
Support bluetooth voice call
Support keyboard plug-in

2) Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) - improved version.

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0

Samsung’s first Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)-powered tablet offers a variety of new and improved Android OS features. An upgraded Android Market enables access to more than 400,000 applications which can be enjoyed across phones or tablets.

Key Features of the Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

Price                        : RM999 (WiFi only)
                                : RM1,299 (WiFi + 3G)
Screen size              : 7-inch, Multi-touch screen
Processor                 : 1GHz Dual-Core processor, 1GB RAM
Operating system      : Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich
Storage capacity       : 16GB (Internal), microSD expansion up to 32GB
Mobile connectivity    : WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0
Camera                    : 3.15 MP
Announced               : Feb 2012
Availability                : Now

3) Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Price                        : $199 (RM630) for the 8GB storage &  $249 (RM790) for 16G version
Screen size              : 7-inch, TFT active matrix (LED backlight)
Processor                 : 1.3 GHz Quad-core, Nvidia Tegra 3, 1GB RAM
Operating system      : Android 4.1, Jelly Bean
Storage capacity       : 8GB / 16 GB
Mobile connectivity    : NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi
Camera                    : 1.2 MP
Announced               : 27 June 2012
Availability                : TBA (available on pre-order)
More about              : Google Nexus 7

There are other lesser known brands but similarly specced (with the 1Mpad) in the local market such as CSL, and few China-made tablet PCs. Choices are abundant, some with better features than the 1Mpad, so, we will not be too surprised if it struggle to make an impact. Perhaps it will not even be hitting the ground outside a pre-determined market (students, etc), without government intervention.

The money is yours; it's your choice.


gadisBunga™ said...

baik beli samsung galaxy tab je..

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Angie said...

I am drawn to the Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0).. :). Great alternative I imagine.
For the time being, me a faithful Iphone user. :)

de engineur said...

@Angie - since you are iPhone user, perhaps the iPad Mini, expected to be 7-inch (to be announced next month) is of interest to you.

Anonymous said...

sama je 2 ka 3 ka..kalau sama gak fungsi dia pon tak guna jugak bli yg mhal..huhu..