Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Samsung Galaxy S3 price - Malaysia

When it was first made available in Malaysia on 31 May 2012, some telcos offered the new Galaxy S III for as low as RM999, with data subscription package.

Which telco to go for?

For the world's biggest economy, TECH SOURCE reported that American consumers can start pre-ordering the Galaxy S3 starting June 6, for as low as US$199.99 ( approx. RM632) for a 2-year contract 16GB, at AT&T. Meanwhile, Sprint will sell the Galaxy S3 16 GB for $199.99 (two year contract), and the 32 GB version for $249.99 (approx. RM789).

Galaxy S III Malaysia prices

Click here for detailed specifications of the Galaxy S3.

The recommended retail price for the new S3 is RM2,199 but there is already talk on the street that the price would soon touch RM2,100 (set only). Samsung smart phones are notoriously known for drastic drop in prices after being in the market for a month or two, so, watch out for that and get your timing right.

Monthly commitment: RM68 (for data only)
Upfront payment: RM200 to RM500 depending on length of contract
Data quota: 3 GB
Device prices: RM1,399 (24-month contract), RM1,599 (18-month) and RM1,699 (12-month)

Monthly commitment: RM63 (applicable to Auto-billing only) + voice call included
Upfront payment: NA
Data quota: 3 GB
Device prices: RM1,449 (24-month contract) and RM1,699 (12-month)

Monthly commitment: RM108 + voice call included
Upfront payment: RM300
Data quota : 3 GB
Device prices: RM1,678 (18-month contract) and RM1,748 (12-month).

There are other data plans, such as 1GB and 5GB but I choosed 3GB for illustration as this is the likely amount of data one will be needing. With the capability of the high-end mobile smartphone, the amount of data downloaded as well as uploaded will increase. For smartphone, 1.5GB data plan used to be regarded as the default choice for many. Not anymore.


Vikas said...

Read more about Galaxy S3 @

New Phones said...

Samsung lost in the legal battle whereby Samsung had copied critical features of the hugely popular Apple's iPhone. Could there be a outright ban of sales of Samsung phones??

de engineur said...

@New Phones - My opinion is that it is unlikely. But as a repercussion, there will be slowdown the development and/or launch of other phones/tablets such as Google's, Samsung's own, and others.

Anonymous said...

People always try to be smart. Peoples always copy smart people ideas. Nobody want to copy dumb people ideas? In this case, which one u think smarter? Iphone or Samsung?

de engineur™ said...

Both are smart.
Question is, who can outsmart the other when there's legal battle on alleged infringement of pattern.

de engineur said...

* Patent