Saturday, June 30, 2012

Low-energy light bulbs: are they bad for the environment?

Low energy
Being low-energy certainly doesn't suit every occasion. Image:

Every now and then you hear people talking and promoting the use of low-energy light bulbs. It's for the environment and your pocket, so they say. So, are they actually good or bad for the environment, and you?

Low energy bulbs

The good news is that low-energy bulbs help to reduce carbon emissions. The downside is that they contain mercury. Although it is only present in small amounts, about one-thousandths of a gram, but it can be environmentally damaging if the bulbs are carelessly disposed of.

Careless means throwing or burying them in landfill. Mercury is a scheduled waste and needs to be treated prior to disposal. It's also harmful to breathe mercury in, so if you accidentally smash a bulb, vacate the room and stay out for at least fifteen minutes.

Reference: sciencefocus


Clive O Hagan said...

Yes, I agree that the fluorescent are not the true energy and environmental savers. I do believe that Induction lighting is the future, and it will be the best possible source of commercial lighting.

Draven Miller said...

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