Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all dads where ever you may be.

I woke up to the greetings from wife and daughters today and I wished I could do the same to my late dad. I'm sure we'd take time to tee-up for a  nice wine although we might have different idea about drinking.

So, to all fathers out there, have a good company today, preferably with your love ones. God bless us all!

Lovely card from my daughter


jessforshort. said...

Happy Father's Day too! May God bless all dads out there.. ^^

de engineur said...

@jessforshort - thank you and GBU too

rainfield61 said...

My son called last Sunday greet me Happy Father's Day, and I said thank you.

Both of us never know, and never paid attention that the actual date is today.

de engineur said...

@rainfield - not so much about the occasion isn't it. It's more to do with remembering dad and appreciating him for his unconditional love.