Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cuepacs wants upgrade for 50,000 civil servants

Cuepacs was recently reported to have submitted a proposal stating it wants the grades of about 50,000 civil servants in the technical, agriculture and forestry groups to be upgraded.

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Cuepacs secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng said civil servants in Grade G17, G22 and G26 have been proposed to be upgraded to G27, G32 and G36 because they are equipped with academic qualifications. Lok said it would be in line with the government's efforts to produce skilled labour so as to fulfill the government's aspiration to become a high income nation by 2020.

"As such, workers with the necessary skills, experience and qualification must be recognised," she told Bernama here today adding that the proposal had already been submitted to the Chief Secretary of the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, in March. Lok added that to ensure the upgrading proposal was implemented, Cuepacs hoped a special commission would be set up to carry out a holistic study of the civil service.

Cuepacs has also proposed to the government to review the salary scale of civil servants with a view for better remuneration, she said. [sourced from Bernama, 30 May 2012]

TheGreenMechanics two cents:

While I am not against any upgrading of grade to the deserving workforce, quick succession of salary revisions is a bit too much. Revisions after revisions in a span of only several years give impression that we are not doing it holistically, but rather based on 'after-thought', reactive, and short-sighted.

What will this mean to the general consuming public? Not good. There will be drastic increase in goods and service prices - several increases in a short span of time. Not only that. To the neutral observer, such shortsightedness by those responsible will demoralise the counterparts in the private sector.

Salary adjustment (not including annual increment) must commensurate with national productivity, just like a capability of an enterprise to remunerate the workers is based on its capability to generate fund (and profit). Why should it be any different?

One change too many?

Not too long ago, civil servants had every reason to celebrate with the salary revision of between 7.5% and 35% with additional 20% on top of that for PDRM and ATM. Latest in the news was that civil servants will get another adjustment of (March 2012 announcement) between 7% and 13% under the Malaysian Remuneration System (SSM). Example of salary restructuring in the police force (Appendix B). There were other minor adjustments between these two major ones.

No doubt, there will be more to it between now and the next general election.


tehr said...

apa2 yang kerajaan buat pun harapnya bukan hanya sebagai gula2 pilihan raya
dalam jangka panjang, macam2 'penyakit' yg rakyat terima

de engineur said...

Biasanya gula-gula ni luar saja manis, tapi dalamnya pahit/asam.

Anonymous said...

kalau hendak di upgread, jangan hanya untuk sebilangan gread saja...up gread lah kesemua scale..baru adil. cuepacs ni pun satu macam aja..tiap2 tahun ada saja mau di minta..tetapi bukan untuk semua..

de engineur said...

@Mestimau - termasuk juga pekerja GLC yg tersepit diantara sektor Awam dan Swasta.
Yg itu siapa yg nak fight utk upgrading tu?