Monday, May 14, 2012

Slick, naughty leech

It's a blue (pun intended) Monday, especially if you are United fan. The reason? The noisy blue neighbours - Manchester City - won the EPL title. In a nail-biting, dramatic fashion!

Anyway, due credit must be given to the deserving victors. Congratulations City. For us, let's set some sparks this otherwise blue Monday.

The following is a snapshot of a local tabloid in Malay language, so that would give me reason to repeat the story in English (and make this article appear longer than it is):

Daily Express, 14.5.2012

It talks about a terrifying experience of a 7-year-old boy who was warded to remove a leech which had entered his anus while fishing at a swamp. The boy, Mohd Farhan, only noticed the big leech when he suffered rectal bleeding while 'doing his business'.

It stated that the leech measured about the size of an adult thumb.

That is monstrously big compared to the tiny forest leech that usually enter and feed in your nose while you go hiking or jungle trekking. It can be easily removed though, by snipping the old-trusted Axe Brand oil; the leech would just fall off.

But in the rectum? This one has got to be the hungry, aggressive water-buffalo leech! Auchh!


Armstrong said...

You cheeky leech! WTF! Haaha. Can you go find some other holes. Not shit holes! :D

Kesian the kid.

Hermion Hester said...

Okay, that's really can he not realize there's a leech with a size of a thumb..crawling into his anus?
gosh,i pity the little boy even though its kinda funny anyway, haha. :p