Thursday, April 19, 2012

New iPad (iPad 3) Launched in Malaysia and compared with iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 7.7

This is a scheduled entry in anticipation of the New iPad (iPad 3) launching date in Malaysia. As what came out in the mainstream media, launching of the New iPad in Malaysia is Friday, 20th April 2012.

Based on historical data of its pricing and referring to US and Singapore prices the followings are probable price structure for the new iPad. I stick to my earlier comparison and estimates in the previous article about the new iPad.

Let's see if this materialises:

iPad2 (RM) New iPad (RM)
WiFi 16GB     1,199.00     1,599.00

32GB     1,499.00     1,899.00

64GB     1,799.00     2,199.00
WiFi +4G 16GB     1,599.00     1,999.00

32GB     1,899.00     2,299.00

64GB     2,199.00     2,599.00

Note: Prices for iPad2 are current actual. [Update: get the latest updated New iPad prices here]

A brief comparison between the New iPad and Galaxy Tab 7.7, the latest  under Samsung's offerings:


Bang Chik said...

24hours not perdays, when u want come lagkawi

tehr said...

Nampaknya kena simpan dulu angan2 nak dapatkan ipad ni
Ambil maklumat je dulu