Friday, March 9, 2012

World Water Day Conference 2012 - Sabah

Pacific Sutera, Kota Kinabalu

Organised by Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, the Sabah State Level World Water Day Conference 2012 will be held this month in the state capital as follows:

Date : 20th – 22nd March 2012 (Tuesday – Thursday)
Time : Please refer schedule attached
Venue : Pacific Sutera, Kota Kinabalu

At the end of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to visit one of the following installations or research centres of their choice. A visit at the Sewage Treatment Plant would be interesting. This treatment plant is still under construction and is nearly at its completion stage.


1) Telibong Water Treatment Plant, Tamparuli

Water supply to Kota Kinabalu City and its vicinities stretching from Papar, Kimanis in the South and Tamparuli, Tuaran in the
North are experiencing inadequate water supply situation due to the rapid urbanized development.

In view of the urgent need to increase water production capacities and supply distribution networks, the fast track Telibong Water Supply Scheme was implemented. The plant will have a capacity of 80MLD to meet demand up to year 2015.

2) Regional Sewage Treatment Plant Under Kota Kinabalu Sewerage Scheme Phase 1, Penampang By-Pass.

The proposed scope of work for Kota Kinabalu Sewerage Phase 1 involves the provision of sewer networks 20,000 metre, refurbishment of existing pump stations and construction of a new regional sewage treatment plant (RSTP Penampang). The project cost for Kota Kinabalu Sewerage Phase 1 is RM183,335,000.00.

The RSTP is located at Jalan Pintas and the area is about 22.296 acres. The RSTP can cater up to 300,000PE including the future extension projected up to year 2020. The RSTP can have 4 Intermittent Decant Extended Aeration (IDEA) tanks with each tank serving 75,000PE. Under phase 1 only 1 IDEA tanks will be constructed.

3) Agriculture Research Centre, Tuaran

The Tuaran Agriculture Research Station was set up in 1963 mainly for carrying out research activities on agriculture crops. The main activities include research on food crops such as rice and vegetables, crop physiology, pest and disease, and soils. The center also provides analytical services for soil and foliar analysis, and pesticide residues on vegetables.

4) Stesen Perikanan Air Tawar, Babagon

The Tagal System is a smart partnership between local communities and government agency Department of Fisheries Sabah (DOFS) to protect, conserve & manage the river resources in Sabah. Benefits included the upgrading of the river ecosystem & improvement of fish landing.


Managing Directors, Senior Managers, Federal & State Government Officers, Agriculture & Plantation Sector Managers, Professionals, Industry Analysts & Conservation Enthusiasts, Environmentalists, Environment-Consultants, etc.

If you have some time to spare, this is a good opportunity to have a good look at the water and waste water industry in Sabah. You do not have to attend the conference to visit the exhibition booth at the same venue.

Happy visiting!


Diana Diane Teo said...

Seriously, I never know about this event. Thanks for the great sharing by the way.

de engineur said...

I am particularly interested in the Sewage Treatment Plant at jln pintas, near Millenium. See how good the nearly RM200million sewer plant 'treat' our waste

Monica said...

I never knew about this event. I should have been here earlier. Everyone must join this kind conference! filter press