Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The water buffalo

The water buffalo, also known locally as kerbau, karabau or karibo is the classic work animal in Malaysia and in general, Asia.

The kerbau is considered domesticated animal as it takes special place in the traditional economic and cultural activities of human. Water buffalo is often relied upon for ploughing the rice fields and for transportation in many parts of Asia.

Many years ago, water buffaloes were seen and considered as one of the indicators to one's wealth. The bigger the herd, the wealthier the individual is. Also, they were often given to the bride's family as customary dowry during wedding ceremonies of some indigenous people in Sabah.

This one is a carving of water buffalo and it is almost life-size. I shot this at J-Borneo Native Village, not far away from Lok Kawi wildlife park:

the water bufallo
Carved wooden wall showing a lady riding a water buffalo.

See more (not carving), real water buffaloes of Borneo here.


Va Va Voom said...

uinaahhh sexy juga tu sumandak :)mesti bangga tu karabau hahahah

Meitzeu said...

The culture of ours. :)

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tehr said...

kat belakang rumh aku ada kerbau
tapi tak la besar sangat
biasa2 je

de engineur said...

@tehr. Seekor kerbau ada tak dalam RM1,500?

X Lupa Dot Com said...

kat kota belud ramai org naik kerbau
rindu lagi nak pergi sana

de engineur said...

@X lupa. Memang best tengok kan.