Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SESB Shocked by Tresspassing

Well, don't be! With appropriate tools, anyone can trespass any of the the restricted sub-stations.

I have conducted a number of investigations (not SESB properties) on stolen cables, station transformers, HT switchgear and their fittings and the people who stole these equipment are clearly those with some sort technical knowledge of electricity. They have special tools, or what we call dedicated tools for working with live apparatus.

It's about time SESB make full use of the internet, webcams and wireless communication to put 'eyes' on all the sub-stations. Perhaps they can start with the critical loads/clients and slowly cover the rest of them.

One of SESB's facilities near KKIP

As reported by Daily Express yesterday:

Kota Kinabalu: SESB was once again shocked by a trespassing incident at the electricity substation by some individuals who then stole electrical equipment in the substation at 1:57 pm on Monday.

Following this incident, power to Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Perkasa was immediately cut off for several hours until SESB employees managed to find the cause and replace the lost electrical installations, it said in a statement Saturday.

It findings at the scene also found a number of important installations for the supply of electricity to both buildings had been lost and SESB estimated losses of about RM10,000 due to the greedy and inconsiderate actions.

Electricity supply in the area was resumed fully at 5.30 pm on the same day. SESB once again sought cooperation from the public to immediately report to the SESB on-line number 088-282455, if they notice individuals who look suspicious and do not look like SESB employees working in the electrical substation/SESB premises.


Elih Japahar said...

Kerja ini menyusahkan org lain, curi lembu kah kambing kah ok jugak..tak adalah blackout satu sabah kan? huhu

de engineur said...

kadang2 peralatan yg uzur juga menyebabkan banyak trippings. Pencuri kabel yg dapat nama.

Macam lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama jugalah.

tehr said...

Tangkap dan ikat kat tiang elektri je
Menyusahkan orang

Armstrong said...

Wow they don't have any surveillance cameras or something? They should! Electricity is so vital! Businesses can lose a lot of money!

Oya, happy Wednesday, Mr Floyd!