Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dare to Design your own House?

In the local scene, one of the hot topics among people of different trades lately is the Upside-down House in Borneo. This will be the third entry for me and I am not sure yet if this is the last. Not because I like the catchy, unique idea nor because I'm originated from the small town where this structure is built. It's something else - I am a go-green person.

Structural and architectural design were scrutinised and environmental-friendliness of the building was questioned. I like the work of the architect and the use of wooden fittings (or at least wood like) that blends well with the environment.

For those thinking that they can do better than the folks up there, try comparing how cladding systems in a building that you think would look better. To the non-technical readers but just want their future homes  to look great, you may want to read further. Cladding systems can be formulated to enhance the visual appearance of the building significantly. Does it look great, the Upside-down house? I think it looks decent. Not great, just decent enough.

Speaking of being environmentally friendly, and taking into account the fact that this building is meant to attract tourists, the developer could have incorporated some educational elements in the structure such as fixtures that promote energy efficiency, hence lesser carbon footprint. This could then be one of the subject the tour guide can talk about during the guided tour.


Meitzeu said...

Now that you writing this entry, hmmm... never thought of what you had written here.

Yea~ Beside the unique upside down design, what do they actually have?


Miss. Tina said...

well said.

de engineur said...

@Meitzeu. To be honest there's nothing much. That's why I mentioned 'pit-stop' in my earlier post. Just a nice place for a quick stop before proceeding with a long journey.

The guided tour inside the house is like 5 - 10 minutes at the most. A RM5.00 entrance fee is more like it for me.

They should create more attractions at the 'tamu' perhaps. Also, they should allow visitors to take pictures inside the house (even a limited 1 shot per group/visitor would be good for a start).

MaryaYusof said...


I have missed a lot of entries here... time to read & appreciate this 'environmentalist' handwork :)

Good job Ir!

Angel said...


I agree with you. I've never been to the Upside-Down house but whatever visit it is, if I gain something (like knowledge or just some oh-iya-ka-pula? facts), I would be a very happy visitor :)

Sumandak Kinabalu said...

I saw this kind of house on Discovery. Now its available here, will put this upside-down house on my must go list...