Thursday, February 2, 2012

150 Cars Stolen Daily: is yours next?

Are you driving one of these? If yes then your car is one of those that are hot on the thief's list.

    Image: The Star

The Star reported that since 2010 thieves whisked away 112,503 cars comprising mostly Proton and Perodua models.

2010 - 57,462 cases
2011 - 55,041 cases (as of September)

This gives an average of 150 daily cases of stolen vehicles. According to Federal CID director Comm. Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin, demand for stolen vehicles is high and in particular they are:

1) used for repairs and parts replacement
2) popular at construction sites in the remote areas
3) used in robberies and other criminal activities

The above list is not according to rank but it is strongly believed that four-wheel drive vehicles, especially Toyota Hilux are high on demand in the middle East. 4x4 vehicles are the popular means of transportation among rebel forces.

Some insurance companies tend to turn away applications for vehicle insurance coverage for cars high on thief list. I have an experience whereby instead of getting Renewal Notice for my four-while vehicle, I received a refusal notice stating that AIG Malaysia (now Chartis) would not renew my policy. At that time a 'sibling' of the 4x4 model I was driving was known to be thieves' favourite.

So there. Take extra precaution so that yours is not the next car in the statistics.

And drive safely, too!


MaryaYusof said...

Salam de enginuer,

Even some people say, proton is not worth to buy... but still the thieves looking for it.. proves that most of rakyat Msia suka beli kereta proton ni... murah & mudah cr spare part too :p...hehehe

tehr said...

mereka dah jadikan kerja mencuri ni sebagai satu jawatan tetap

HoneyBUZZin said...

Thanks for the info.

Aki said...

ho ho ho.. mine was not in the list!! I like.. sepa la mo curi wheelbarrow kan?? :p

de engineur said...

@MaryaYusof. I agree with your point to certain extent. But I think it's the sheer volume of Proton and Perodua cars on our roads that contribute to the higher figures of stolen cars from these two makes.

@tdhr. Harap2 dorang x jadi pencuri sampai pencen.

@HoneyBUZZin. Thanks for reading.

@Aki. Ko punya wheelbarrow jenama Lamborghini kan.

momto8 said...

I had no idea about any of this!! thanks!