Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Change in website Template

Many months/years later I'll have something to look back on in terms of how my old blog page looked like. Obviously this post has no tangible benefit to anyone other than for my own future reference.

I've grown tired of reading not-so-bright fonts on a dark background and I decided to change the appearance of the webpage to a simpler template. Dark font on white/bright background suits my mobile devices screen better. And on bigger screens, reading is much more at ease.

Old page, prior to 2012.
Blog pre2012
Header photo shot during sunset at Magellan Sutera man-made beach.

New page, Jan 2012.
Blog 2012
Header photo (Mt. Kinabalu) shot from a suspension bridge in Telibong, Tuaran.

More pictures are available at my dedicated photo page.


Rose Flower said...

The new header photo of your blog is awesome!!! what a breathtaking view...SPECTACULAR!!!!

tehr said...

tulisan hitam berlatar putih lebih seronok untuk dibaca

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Love the new look! I used to design my own blog header (using Powerpoint can you believe it!!!) to save $ and well, cos I am quite kedekut when it comes to spending money on my blog then.

But I finally took the plunge and hired someone to do my blog header, and I love it so much! You can see my old header in this post (

Btw, about your question on what software I use for the image editing, I use PhotoScape. It's free for download and easy to use (I don't use all the functions anyway) Try it! :)

Angie said...

Excellent decision. Love your new look. It is fresh and easy to the eyes. Love all the pics.. :)

de engineur said...

@Rose Flower. Thanks. Some say the view is even more spectacular just before sunrise. Need to visit this place again sometime.

@tehr. Setuju. Saya pun tertarik dgn layout blog anda.

@I'm a full-time mummy. Thanks for the info on the image editing software. Will try that one out.

@Angie. Thank you, glad you liked it.

MaryaYusof said...

Yeah, ur new blog header look awesome! I think, I need to have one too...ermm...

motorcycle mechanic said...

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de engineur said...

@MaryaYusof. That'd be a good idea.

@motorcycle mechanic. Sorry mate, really can't help you there. Your site got a hit from me though. Thanks for dropping by.