Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Petronas Twin Towers

There are few things I really wanted to do before 2011 closes its door, two of them being watching the Formula 1 race in Malaysia or Singapore, and to 'scale' the famous Twin Towers of Petronas. Not to literally scale it the spider way; visiting the observation deck would be more definitive.

Cut the story short, I managed to catch Michael Schumacher - my all time favourite race king - in action at Malaysian GP Sepang in April 2011. The race was won by another German tho in Sebastian Vettel, a fast improving no-nonsense young driver.

Petronas Twin Towers was more of an elusive target as I failed to gain entry in my first two attempts - once in December 2010 and another in April 2011. On both occasions, tickets were sold out and I could not make advance booking as I did not stay long enough to exhaust the long waiting period (1 week).

So, few days ago on 31st December 2011, while wifey and kids were enjoying their nap in the early morning, I woke up and took a walk from the hotel to the towers to join the long queue of tourists taking their chances nicking that elusive tickets. Joined the zig-zag lines at 6.30 in the morning and finally get to purchase a ticket at almost 9.00am (first group of 22 visitors made their way up at 9.00am); I opted for afternoon visit at 1.00pm.

One of the landmarks to die for is KL Tower (seen on the background)

A sample of the concrete jungle around the Towers

KLCC Park viewed from above

As a twin structures, Petronas Twin Towers is still regarded as the tallest in the world. Standing at 451.9m, the 88-storey Twin Towers is inspired by Islamic geometric shape with each tower plan being based on an eight-pointed star. It's tall and the scenery from up there is breath taking.

Wifey doesn't like height and my small daughter doesn't fancy going either. Still it's a mission accomplished for me personally.


Dunia Realiti a.k.a Elih said...

Owh! memang menarik pemandangan ni..

gadisBunga said...

saya teringin sangat nak naik atas bridge tu tapi tak pernah ada peluang lagi. sedangkan suria klcc pun dah berapa tahun tak jejak. padahal duduk kat kl juga. huhu~

aReLaN said...

what a saya gayat.hahaha..nak naik tapi konfem nanti my legs will be shaking.

©t-Ba said...

wow ya pix is spectacular bro. all da landcape take my breath away. congrats.

DrSinga said...

dah bukak..?
hari tu still tutup sebab renovation..

thanks for info
akan ku panjat jugak!

Ezad Skytech said...

memang cantik pemandangan dari atas sana...:D

MaryaYusof said...

Oh, I'm so 'gayat' on the height... My knees will automatically shaking... Nice blog & I follow here~

de engineur said...

Hello everyone, terima kasih ya.

@t-Ba. Breath taking view indeed, a must visit spot. RM25 for MyKad holders and RM50 for foreign visitors.

@DrSinga. Ya sudah buka, lawat lah.

Meitzeu said...

I never went up there before. Wish someday I will be there enjoying the scene. ;)

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tehr said...

aku memang gayat dengan tempat tinggi macam ni

Didiy Rita said...

cantiknya view..harap bpeluang kat sana 1 hri nanti..Sabah jauh sangat lah..hehee said...

can i share this photgraph on my blog?

de engineur said...

@banditajj4wallpaperart. Sure, no problem.
Just kindly link back the shared picture/s to my blog as a kind of credit.

HoneyBUZZin said...

I'm scared of height. I went there but not to the top.
Nic pic!

namronphotography said...

terbaekkk la capture mu ni bro... aku dah follow ko punya blog ni... tp jarang dpt notification psl update dr blog mu ni...

de engineur said...

@HoneyBUZZin. I think skybridge at level 41, 42 is quite good also.

@namronphotography. Thank you bro. Sa follow ko punya blog juga.