Monday, December 5, 2011

Tablet PC the way to Go?

Feeling like it is year-end holiday yet? Teachers and students would surely say yes.

It is December and people would now be busy preparing for a brand new year. This is also the time when most of us would be shopping for presents for our loved ones or for self reward after a job well done this year.

I don't actually consider myself tech savvy but I like browsing through the latest gadgets, not that I'm obsessed with wanting to buying every new gadget the market has to offer. This year we saw fierce competition among electronic giants like Samsung, Apple, HTC, to name a few. Samsung's Galaxy has been on the helm of the smartphone throne for sometime until iPhone 4S came along. At this juncture, there is no official statistics yet to compare the two most sought after smartphone brands.

Smartphones have clearly gained exponential momentum the last year or two but I believe the next big thing is Tablet PC. This is evident from the popularity and availability of tablets at almost every establish phone or IT premises. In and around Kota Kinabalu, dedicated Tablet PC store is not common yet due to the product mix in the shop inventory but I can assure you that any established store carries at least the major tablet PC brands such as iPad, Galaxy Tab, HP Touchpad, or Blackberry playbook.

So, if electronic gadgets are your present of choice this year, you would probably want to pay a visit to Karamunsing Complex in Kota Kinabalu, Low Yatt Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, or Sim Lim Square in Singapore.

Happy holiday!


aReLaN said...

if only i have lots of money to buy one.hmmm

DoRa Priscilla said...

I went to lowyat last Monday when I was in KL and there are so many Tablets.. earlier I also want one but it would never replace a proper laptop.. But there is one by acer that really caught my eye that comes with a keyboard.. Now the urge is back ;)

de engineur said...

@aReLaN. Aim -->Plan --> Execute. Like you blog says "Just Do It"

@DoRa Priscilla. I think Tablet PCs are more for working/playing "on the go" but with wireless keyboards and virtual mouse made available they will become serious contenders to full pledge laptops sooner rather than later.

Gunaqz said...

Almost everybody I know in my uni owns one! Well, except me. Maybe I should buy one too. Or not. I don't know yet. Should I? Do you think they're better than the normal laptops?

gadisBunga said...

i've been eyeing for one now, in fact, a few. ipad is famous for it's name, samsung galaxy tab looks soooo thin (drooling!) but eee transformer comes with a keyboard, which is quite useful.

but above all, i'm looking for something that can make me blog easily. any suggestion?

©t-Ba said...

You can try Acer Iconia Tab, got 2 version 1 for android and another 1 for windows user. both include dock keyboard. For windows come wif the dock keyboard but for android version u need buy separately. I'm using now at my office. ^^

de engineur said...

@Gunaqz. For me buying a tablet is for a purpose. I'll need to be on the go and mobile half of the time to justify buying one. But time changes, so, who knows it may become need rather than want in future just like cars.

@gadisBunga. If you are very mobile/ traveling a lot than a tablet with keyboard or even the Mac Book Air would be a good idea like what t-Ba mentioned.

@t-Ba. Thanks for sharing. How much did it cost you? I read online that it varies from RM1,399 to RM1,599

©t-Ba said...

de engineur : for 32GB we get rm1699 and for 16GB rm1599 lol

Admin said...

With the tablet PC flooding the market, it makes sense to think that IP telephony will become handy.