Thursday, December 1, 2011

SESB Names New Boss

    Kota Kinabalu: Ir. Abd Razak Salim has been named the new SESB Managing Director - the first Sabahan to assume the post since the privatisation of the State's utility agency on Sept 1, 1988.

    Abd Razak, 53, who was SESB Senior General Manager takes over from Datuk Ir. Baharin Din effective Dec 1, 2011. An electrical engineer by training, Abd Razak rose through the ranks after starting his career with the Sabah Electricity Board in 1986.

    Baharin would be returning to TNB in Kuala Lumpur. During Baharin's tenure, SESB managed to lower Sabah's System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) from 2,717 minutes (average per consumer) in 2007 to 687 minutes in 2010.
    Source: Daily Express, 1/12/2011.

Big congrats to Ir. Abd Razak. I've attended some of SESB events where he is a speaker and he is a person who is easy to understand and he cuts down on the un-necessaries.

I have no particular preference for who heads the utility company although common sense would tell you a Sabahan should head a Sabah State Federal agency. In this case, TNB, a GLC under the federal administration. But being someone who hails from the place he is currently serving, it is the least to hope that Ir. Abd Razak would better understand the sentiment of the people and the ultimate goal of 100% power supply coverage in Sabah by 2012.

Ir. Baharin managed to lower the interruption index from more than 2,700 to just slightly more than 680 minutes last year. Ir Abd razak should have his sight on the 70-minute mark set by some states in West Malaysia. As a benchmark Singapore recorded 2-minutes interruption index (SAIDI) a couple of years back. Refer here, and scroll to page 19.

100% coverage and 70-minute interruption index.

Which should be SESB's priority? As a person residing in the interior, I would say go for 100% coverage, but I live in Kota Kinabalu and I'm also entitled to my rights to stable, interruption-free power supply. It is always a question of quantity or quality.

Do you know that to a kampung folk, a power supply is all that is needed no matter how it is generated - gasoline generator, small turbine, diesel powered, coal fired plant, hybrid solar PV, you name it. Whether the supply is stable or flickery, is secondary. They just need the donkey power.

To the urbanites, sorry but we have different priorities. And by urbanites, I mean the leaders who sit comfortably in their air-conditioned office.

So, we shall leave it to the new MD's wisdom to muster his way and negotiate with the state government to come to a compromise, preferably killing the two birds with one stone - quality quantity.

Best wishes to the new head, and hoping for the best for a solution to Sabah's power supply issues.


Meitzeu said...

Congratz to him and hope he will try his best for the power supply issue here.


de engineur said...

SESB's target is for 100% power supply coverage in Sabah by 2012. Hope that will materialise.

Really have high hope for the new MD.

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